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Dear friends,

after decades of experience in “Full Immersion” courses, four years ago, we decided to change the arrangement of these courses, in order to give a more schematic and perhaps more effective teaching value. The course provides a morning session of live surgery and an afternoon session that will delve into the technical aspects of laparoscopic surgery.

The special feature of this weekly course, which is only aimed to the Italian Surgeons, consists of having both the treatment of a particular daily chapter of abdominal pathology and the participation of prominent foreign Special Guests. Their presence and contribution will enrich the discussion, with their unique experience, allowing you to obtain prompt and comprehensive answers to your questions.

                                                                                                                                                          Francesco Corcione

Honorary President: Jacques Marescaux

President: Francesco Corcione

Scientific Segretariat: Umberto Bracale, Michele D’Ambra, Saverio Dilillo, Ruggero Lionetti, Gaetano Luglio

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Registration Fee: € 1.100,00 + VAT Tax 22%